21st January

Cervical Cancer Screening and Management: What's New in Clinical Guideline

10th-13th February

7th Molecular Oncology Society Conference

26th February

Recent Advances in Cancer Management

12th March

Lung Cancer: Controversies to Consensus

30th March

Utility of Molecular Profiling

12th April

Oncology beyond the Obvious 8

21st April

Spearheading the Paradigm of Lung Cancer Management

27th April

Expanding Horizons for Lung Cancer

29th April

Marudhara Hematology Updates (Part 1)

15th May

Optimizing Choice of Central Vascular Device in ICU

10th June

NSCLC towards better Outcomes


9th-10th July

5th LION Conference

13th-14th August

11th ISNOCON Conference

23rd January

Updates in Lung Cancer

22nd February

Update on Minimal Residual Disease in Paediatric Leukemia

28th February

Head and Neck Cancer - Highlighting Recent Updates

26th March

Changing Treatment Landscape in HR+/HER2- aBC

9th April

ESCALATE: Emerging and current landscape in treatment of EGFRm NSCLC

12th April

Recent Advances in Cancer Management

22nd April

Experts Lung cancer Insights on Treatment of EGFRm patients

28th April 

Central Nervous System tumors (CNS) : Whats new?

7th May

BRCA Genes and breast tumorigenesis Pathologist's perspective

26th May

Diagnostic Aspects of Common Neoplastic Conditions of Lung

14th June

Oncology beyond the Obvious 9

15th-17th July

7th AMMO Conference

23rd-24th September

47th ICON Conference

8th February

Oncology beyond the Obvious 6

25th-27th February

46th Indian Cooperative Oncology Network Conference

8th March

Oncology beyond the Obvious 7

27th March


9th April

Recent Advances in Role of S1 in GI malignancies

15th April

Optimizing treatment in Lung Cancer

23rd April

New Paradigms in Lung Cancer

29th April

Optimizing treatment in Lung Cancer Part 2

14th & 15th May

Oncology Beyond the Obvious Conference

4th June

Lung Cancer Update with NK Dhabhar Cancer Foundation

24th-26th June

Best of ASCO India 2022

30th-31st July

DALOS Conference